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Ulster-Scots interest group


Are you an Ulster-Scot?

If you don't know the answer to this question then Scottish House may be able to assist.

In broad terms an Ulster-Scot or descendant of an Ulster-Scot is one whose ancestors migrated from the Borders District or south of Scotland (and later from further north and the Highlands) to northern Ireland (Ulster) from the 1600s at the time of the Plantations, through to the nineteenth century.

Over the past months the Ulster-Scot representative of Scottish House Cultural and Information Centre, Colin Sproule, has been invited to speak at Scots and Celtic Gatherings to persons who claim to be Ulster-Scots or descendants of that worthy group. Colin has met folk from as far north as Maclean, Wingham, Aberdeen, Toukley and in the south at Berry and Bundanoon districts, with Hyde Park Scottish Week and Castle Hill in between. Many showed interest in the formation of an Ulster-Scot interest group which now operates under the auspices of Scottish House.

Some members of the Ulster-Scots interest group

Any current Scottish House financial member who has Ulster-Scots connections is invited to join the group by advising the Scottish House secretary.


Updated 2017-01-01

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